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    Adey Magnaclean 2 Professional Magnetic Filter 22mm System Protector

    £90.00 | (£75.00 Ex. Vat)
    Magnaclean Professional 2 Magnetic Filter 22mm System Protector. Magnaclean Professional2 has been developed by the industry leading company that pioneered magnetic filtration. ADEY's filters are already protecting nearly 1.5 million...

    Regin REGU50 Red Rubber Tube 6mm x 2Mtr

    £5.83 | (£4.86 Ex. Vat)
    Regin REGU50 Red Rubber U Gauge Tube 6mm x 2Mtr. 2 metre pack 6mm I.D. (Not suitable for regular use on L.P.G.)

    Tower Optimum Touch Screen Digital RF Room Thermostat

    £60.00 | (£50.00 Ex. Vat)
    Touch Screen DigitalRF Room Thermostat • Touch screen control• Electronic thermostat• For heating installations• Precise temperature control• Large digital temperature display• Adjustment range 5°C to 35°C• Differential: 1°C• Automatic frost...

    Tower Optimum Touch Screen Digital Room Thermostat

    £42.00 | (£35.00 Ex. Vat)
    The OP-TOUCH room thermostat, specially designed to control your heating with an accurate temperature regulation, providing energy savings. A modern and flat design, as well as being easy to use...

    Drayton 22mm Motorised 2 Port Valve - ZA5/679-2

    £48.00 | (£40.00 Ex. Vat)
    Drayton 22mm Zone Valve (ZA5-679-2) 2 Port Manufacturers Part Number: 27100 22mm Compression fittings  New “snap-on” actuators can be removed at the push of a button 100% tight shut off Manual...

    Drayton 22mm Motorised 3 Port Mid-Position Valve MA1/679-3

    £60.00 | (£50.00 Ex. Vat)
    The Drayton motorised valve now incorporates a “snap on” actuator, which simplifies future servicing. The actuator can be removed from the body simply by pressing the release button on the...

    Drayton LP722 7 Day Electronic Programmer

    £52.80 | (£44.00 Ex. Vat)
    The LP722 programmer from Drayton is a flexible programmer which offers independent programming of heating and hot water every day of the week which can provide considerable savings in energy...

    Drayton LP522 5/2 Day Programmer

    £48.00 | (£40.00 Ex. Vat)
    Programmers allow you to set on and off time periods. Some models switch the central heating and domestic hot water on and off at the same time while others allow...

    Drayton LP241 24 Hour Programmer

    £46.80 | (£39.00 Ex. Vat)
    LP241 is a 24 hour, 2 channel with separate timings programmer, backlit screen, 3 ON/OFFs per day, auto GMT/BST change, holiday mode, LED ‘ON’ light, boost and advance functions. volt...

    Drayton LP112 Twin Channel 7-Day Programmer

    £46.80 | (£39.00 Ex. Vat)
    Drayton LP112 24 Hour Programmer 25473 The LP112 programmer is our basic programmer which hascommon timings for heating and hot water. The LP112 has a 24 hour programme option which...

    Drayton LP711 7-Day Electronic Timeswitch

    £46.80 | (£39.00 Ex. Vat)
    The Lifestyle LP Range of programmers and timeswitches has a well established reputation for quality and reliability. Now extra features make these popular products even easier to use for both...

    Drayton LP111 24-Hour Electronic Timeswitch

    £42.00 | (£35.00 Ex. Vat)
    The LP Range of programmers and timeswitches has a well established reputation for quality and reliability. Now extra features make these popular products even easier to use for both installer...

    Honeywell 24HR 2 ON/OFF PER DAY Timeswitch ST9100A

    £52.16 | (£43.47 Ex. Vat)
    Honeywell 24HR 2 ON/OFF PER DAY Timeswitch NEW! - Replaces obsolete ST6100A1001 The ST9100A is a 24 Hour, single channel time switch that gives great flexibility offering up to two...

    Drayton Digistat RF701 Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat (7 Day)

    £78.00 | (£65.00 Ex. Vat)
    Drayton gives you 2 programmable room thermostat wireless systems, A breakthrough in programmable thermostats. Easy to install, easy to use and offers a range of big pluses for both installers...

    Drayton Digistat RF601 Wireless Room Thermostat

    £72.00 | (£60.00 Ex. Vat)
    Digistat+RF with SCR receiver, RF601 Digistat+RF is a wireless battery powered room thermostat with a tactile, audible setting dial,visual (LCD) feedback and low battery indicator.Features user adjustable set-back push button...


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